Wednesday, June 1, 2011

San José Neighborhoods of Guadalupe, Moravia, and Coronado

Leaving San José heading northeast you will go through Guadalupe, Moravia, and Coronado.


This city is right next to San José and is a busy city.  This city has many different neighborhoods and a variety of restaurants and shopping available.  The more desirable neighborhoods to live in in Guadalupe are El Carmen, El Alto, and Sabanilla (just outside of Guadalupe).


The Church and Park
Downtown Moravia, Costa Rica
 Moravia is really a typical Costa Rican town with a sense of community.  Living in Moravia you feel that you are part of the community.  In the center of town there is a church and a park which is typical of many towns of Costa Rica.  There is a variety of shopping and restaurants available in Moravia and nearby.  This is a good town for those who want to be close to San José but don't want to feel they are in the city.  San José is 10 minutes away by car and 20 minutes by bus.


Church and Park
Downtown Coronado, Costa Rica

If you continue following the road up from Moravia for about 10 minutes you will arrive in Coronado.  In Coronado you are at a higher altitude so it is a little cooler.  Coronado is a little more suburban and in the center of town is a magnificent neo-gothical church and in front of the church is the park.  There are a few supermarkets and restaurants in Coronado.  This tends to be a quiet and peaceful town.

The cost to buy a home in these areas can cost a little less than Los Yoses and San Pedro.  You may find housing prices starting between 40,000,000 to 50,000,000 colones.  Rentals may also be a little less expensive.  The best advice is to go to and visit the classifieds for current prices.

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